The Easiest Way To Remove Hard Water Stains From Your Toilet!

No one really enjoys cleaning their toilet but when you have discovered a cleaning method which makes the job so much easier then it’s no longer that big of a problem. You don’t find yourself searching for excuses to postpone the toilet cleaning – you go and you do it!

How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Your Toilet?

I have good news – you don’t need any fancy commercial cleaner. If I have to be honest they are a huge waste of money because they rarely do everything that the bottle claims.

All you need is distilled white vinegar and baking soda – something you already have in your kitchen! You also need some paper towels and a sponge! Yes, not only will you easily clean your toilet and remove the hard water stains but you will also save money while doing it. You can thank me later!

Now, start with soaking a few paper towels in the vinegar then roll them up. Place them directly on the hard water stains and press them firmly. Let them stay there for a few hours.

Then remove them (do not flush them because they will most likely clog your toilet)!

Now it’s time for the baking soda. Dampen a sponge and sprinkle some on there. Start scrubbing the stained areas. By now, the vinegar would have loosened the stains and you will be able to scrub the excess with the baking soda.

Once you are done – flush a few times in order to remove the vinegar and the baking soda!