Removing Urine Odour from Flooring Surfaces

Floor Surface CleaningHaving to remove tough odours like urine from porous materials such as tile grout is one of the trickiest and most demanding cleaning chores out there. If you are faced with this challenge, but won’t be using the services of professional cleaners, here are some proven strategies to help you get the job done right. When cleaning urine odour (and staining) off grout, you need to apply what’s known as a bio enzyme cleaning solvent.Such cleaning products are specially formulated to react with the enzymes present in urine (which are also partial causes of the distinctive odour).

The alternative to using bio enzyme solvents, is live bacteria based cleaning solutions. The first step of the actual cleaning process would be to saturate the affected area. It is really important to actually saturate the surface, not just dampen it. Whether the product(s) you chose require dilution or not, you need to be thorough with the saturation efforts. Once the flooring surface is generously wet, that means grouts are likely saturated too. Next step would be to scrub the solution using a medium hard brush. It would be better to use an attachable brush with a hand extension as this will give you more scrubbing power with less effort, and also allow you to cover more surface area with fewer strokes.

When using bio enzyme or live bacteria cleaning products, you should see foaming when the product is agitated using a brush or another cleaning tool. Agitate the solution thoroughly and allow it to emulsify properly – check the instructions provided on the label to be sure you are doing things right. In all cases, do not allow for the product to dry out as this puts you back to square one. The final step of the cleaning process would be to wash the floor off the solvent, using a good quality detergent diluted in the necessary amount of (warm) water. Some of the enzyme or bacteria based cleaning systems available on the market, come complete with a wash off detergent that is specially formulated for use with the enzyme or bacteria solvent.

If the surface you are cleaning is frequently stained with urine, like for example tiles around toilets or urinals, you should subject tiles and grout work to specialised cleaning using enzyme and bacteria cleaners all the time. This will also improve overall hygiene throughout the entire premises being cleaned.