How to Keep Your Cleaners Safe and Healthy at Work

By: Carpet Cleaning Romford
Cleaning servicesIf you are in charge of a cleaning company, or work alongside your professional cleaners, day in and day out, then you will definitely appreciate how important it is to keep your staff and yourself safe and healthy during work. Fair enough, professional cleaning may not be as hazardous as mining or the oil industry, but staying safe is always paramount. The level and nature of the safety training which your staff should receive depends on the particular cleaning services you provide. For instance, if your company’s main service is steam cleaning then your staff should undergo training in the safe use and application of pressurised, heated solvents and the respective equipment.

Working with heated, pressurised liquids (that includes hot water and steam too) can be dangerous. If your cleaning company deals with professional pressure washing, then you cleaners should be trained to use jet wash equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Pressure washers can cause serious personal injury and property damage if not used properly.

Technical understanding of the cleaning equipment being used is also essential – preventing damage or injury sometimes depends on knowing when a machine is faulty, or when signs of fault are visible. Here is another example – if you deal with dry cleaning, or other cleaning services that require use and application of chemicals, solvents etc. your staff must be trained to handle and use these substances carefully. This is even more important when performing such cleaning services in close proximity to customers i.e. when applying cleaning chemicals in occupied residential properties, offices, and to extent commercial establishments.

Another good example would be professional window cleaning – sometimes this is done using ladders, extension poles etc. In such cases, it is important to teach staff to stay safe at all times. For instance, reaching out too far when cleaning windows on ladders or when swinging extension poles close to people or breakable property. To show the importance of such safety practices and training – a fall from as little as hundred and fifty centimetres can cause serious personal injury.

It is important to stress that your cleaning teams should look out for themselves and each other – common sense is the best ally of good safety training. In certain cases, physical abilities of your cleaners will determine which cleaning services are best suitable for them. Matching available human resources to the right work task is one of the most important aspects of good management.