Biobased Cleaning Systems

Biobased Cleaning SystemsThe professional cleaning industry has long been applying biobased cleaning products and materials, in an effort to reduce the environmental toll of their work. This is the way of the future, and preserving the environment through sustainable production and use of biobased cleaning systems is great. Before you throw out your cleaning company’s existing product and equipment base in favour of biobased cleaning systems, take the time to understand the pros and cons of using such products.

As there are too many upsides and downsides to discuss in detail, here are some of the basic and most important advantages and issues to do with biobased cleaning systems. Cleaning industry specialists and economists Cleaners Bromley have pointed out that production of such materials and products, especially if renewable (for example the cellulose based scrubbing sponges of 3M) is environmentally safer for communities. It also increases productivity and economic performance of rural district. The production process usually increases domestic economy and reduced dependency on foreign goods and materials.

Many specialists are in favour of biobased cleaning systems because they use a large portion of plant derived materials and additives as opposed to chemicals and toxins which are energy intensive to product and create pollution in the process. Having said this, biobased cleaning systems are not a panacea solution as they do have certain downsides. Take for example the biofuel debate raging on in the last decade or so. It is evident that bio is not always better as growing crops for chemical feedstock requires fertilisers, pesticides, use of fossil fuelled machinery like tractors, mills etc. Some analysts say that food shortage experienced by many countries in the world can be reduced if efforts were invested into making growing more, healthier edible crops rather than investing all the energy and science into bio fuels and biobased cleaning systems.

If you are entertaining the thought of making a switch to biobased cleaning systems for your cleaning company, you need to realise the difference between green products and bio products. ‘Green’ is a rather fuzzy and broad term which may relate to many different characteristics of the given product or material. This however does not make it biobased. On the other hand, not all biobased products are green, although they are derived from plant and animal matter. There is also a third category of cleaning systems based on combination of petroleum derivatives and biobased components. You should consider that too.